Training in The Five Disciplines of Viral Change (TM)

A portfolio of training and accreditation packages in the Five Disciplines of Viral Change (TM) is offered by Viral Change (TM) LLP.
The Five Disciplines are behind the five pillars of large scale change:

(1) BEHAVIOURS - Behavioural Change Management
(2) INFLUENCE - Scalable Influence
(3) NETWORKS - Nurturing informal networks
(4) STORIES - Accelerating a new narrative
(5) LEADERSHIP - Distributed leadership

This is a sample of the training and enabling modules integrated into The Five Disciplines Accreditation

Influence inside the organisation
Mastering different influence mechanism and harnessing ‘peer-to-peer

Changing Behaviours.
Behavioural change management in the organisation: how to change behaviours to sustain process and create cultures
Positive Deviance
The power of Positive Deviance: realising the value of the unconventional and the sceptical.
Distributed leadership.
The art of back-staging top and senior leadership to enable viral leadership at all levels
Mastering social networks
The power of internal social networks and informal conversations
The ‘Disruptive Ideas’ seminar From the book of the same title
Change management myths.
Exploring the consequences of the myths of change management and how the practice of management changes completely once these myths have been debunked

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