The Global Viral Change (TM) Network

Viral Change™ Global Network LLP is the host of Viral Change™ companies and their Associated Practices.

Viral Change companies

Viral Change LLP (UK) is a spinoff from The Chalfont Project Ltd, with exclusive focus on the creation of large-scale change following the Viral Change™ methodology which principles define a particular understanding of the modern organization in which change is a status, a way of life, and readiness to change and constantly re-invent itself is a key core competence.

The company is part of a large Global Viral Change Network composed by both Viral Change companies and a network of accredited practices and practitioners. The companies within the network provide professional consulting services, both strategic and implementation, in a diverse spectrum of organizational challenge, from large-scale cultural change and broad organizational transformation, to specific focus in areas such as innovation, effectiveness, employee engagement, or behavioural change in health and safety.

All partners and other team members provide global services regardless their base

Leandro Herrero, managing partner
Claus Maron
Soren Jakobsen
Caroline Tierney
Allison Spargo (Business Manager)
Ian Garrard


Viral Change LLP (UK)
PO Box 1192
United Kingdom

Allison Spargo
+44 (0)1494 730 999
Viral Change Denmark
Ryvangs Alle 68
2900 Hellerup

Claus Maron
+45 40134880

Søren Jakobsen
+45 20233308